I took up salsa dancing in October 2007. Since then I've had the privilege of learning from and performing with some of Sydney's best Latin dance instructors in a number of different styles of dance

I had never thought about dancing until I moved to Sydney. It wasn't something I had given much thought to and I didn't know much about it. One day I was searching for something different to do, something that would challenge me, but would also be rewarding. A new skill to learn. It was then that I chanced to come across a website about Salsa, and I decided to give it a go. My first experience of dancing was LA or On1 style Salsa. I took a private lesson because I wasn't sure what to expect and whether it was something I would enjoy. 

When I turned up my instructor told me that her speciality was blank canvases (ie people like me who had never danced before) and that I would know if I got hooked after a few lessons. Well, it didn't take more than 5 minutes of going through the basic step before I got hooked. I loved it. I would go home and practice for hours to make sure I remembered the steps, I even wrote down the breakdown of the moves beat by beat so I wouldn't forget! 

After a few months, I had the opportunity to perform for the first time at the Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta, in a Cuban Salsa rueda performance. I had to learn a different style of salsa in just 6 weeks to perform. I really enjoyed the buzz of performing on stage as well as the improvement in my dancing when I was training for the performances. I haven't looked back!

Since then I have learned to dance the sensual Bachata, originating from the Dominican Republic, but now with so many other influences, such as the Moderna style. I have also learned to dance Zouk, a hot and sexy dance from Brazil.

Dancing has opened up new opportunities for me, it has broadened my horizons, given me new skills and I have met many good friends through dancing. It is a passion, and something that everyone can learn. 

These are just a few of the performances I have been involved in. 

 Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta 2008 (my first performance) 

Strictly Salsa Christmas Party 2008 - LA, Bachata and Cuban performances


Sydney Salsa Congress 2009


Strictly Salsa Christmas Ball 2009


Sydney International Bachata Festival 2009 & 2010


New Zealand Rueda Congress 2009


Malaysia Bachata Festival 2010


LDA Ball 2010



Harmony Day, Sydney 2011 - Bachata


Sydney Salsa Congress 2011 - Bachata and Zouk Performances